A voice over nightmare…

It was the week before Christmas, and Neil, the voice over, was excited about the festive holiday fun that was ahead – lots of eating, drinking and merriment with the family. Before that could begin, however, there was lots of voice over work to be done.

There were scripts for training videos that needed voicing, a script for an easter advert campaign that needed voicing – yes, we’ve not even got through christmas yet, but I’m working on easter voice over stuff – and a number of corporate voice over jobs for on-hold messages and IVR’s that needed updating before the christmas break kicked off.

But there was a problem, you’ve heard of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ …

..well this is most definitely the nightmare for every voice over! It wasn’t to do with the studio, thats easily fixed, it wasn’t to do with time – theres lots of that! This was to do with….the voice!!

Its the season for germs and yukkie stuff! I take my vitamins, eat healthy and do everything I can to stop myself getting sick. Sometimes, it just gets ya though – Ive come down with a stinking cold! Whilst I’m now great at doing husky, sexy sounding voice overs, thats not what my regular clients are really expecting from me!! Cant see it going down to well with my medical clients when I update their ‘on-hold messages’ with a stinking cold, not really on brand!!

So, everything has gotta stop, for now! I do have a secret weeping though…Manuka Honey, every voiceover should use it!

My secret for getting rid of a cold spur quick is proper, homemade honey and lemon. You use a whole lemon and a big dollop of Manuka Honey – its gotta be manuka honey with a UMF level of between 10+ to 15+, its got lots of antibacterial goodness that helps fight colds. Its best taken as you feel yourself coming down with something.

If you’ve got any amazing tips that get rid of colds, Id love to hear them, leave them below. If I don’t speak to you before hand, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And, of course, if you need a voiceover, I’m around….okay, not right now 😉 Click here to get in touch, I’m gonna be back in the studio voicing stuff real soon.


You can read more about Manuka Honey and its benefits by clicking here