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Got a question about my voiceover services? Find the most common questions and answers below.

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Great question to start with, glad you asked!

I’ve been doing the job for over 15 years, providing audio for clients around the world. Clients range from start-ups who need audio for their crowdfunding video to blue chip companies requiring e-learning content, commercials, on hold messaging and everything else you can think of.

I don’t think I would’ve been going for so long if I wasn’t a good voiceover artist. Check out the testimonials page to see what clients say about working with me.

If you’ve not heard what I sound like yet, have a listen on the voice reel samples page.

Not as much as you may think! With my own studio, and working independently, I offer very competitive voice over rates. I’m sure you’ll find them cheaper than a voiceover agency, but you’ll still get a professionally recorded voiceover.

To get an idea of costs, use the quote calculator below (you can get a quote based on the word count or time length of your script).

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Everything needed to get your voice over done!

The price quoted includes:

  • Voicing of the script in my broadcast quality studio
    (you can even listen in and direct the session remotely)
  • Editing of the audio so it’s ‘as script’ and ready to use
    (minus breaths, retakes etc.)
  • Delivery via Dropbox in your choice of format
    (mp3 / wav are most requested audio formats, but others available)
  • Online usage in perpetuity
    (online usage includes youtube, vimeo, own website, etc)
  • Turnaround time of 24 hours or less
    (if urgent, I can provide a turnaround time of 60 minutes)

Offering voiceover services online means I’ve cut out the middle man, the voice over agent, so that’s one saving for you. I also own and work from my own professional voice over home studio, so no need to pay extra for hiring a studio or engineer. These two cost savings mean I can offer cheap voiceovers…and they’re only cheap in price, not quality!

I mainly record in my professional, broadcast quality voiceover home studio, this helps keep the costs down for you as there is no need to hire a studio. It’s built with industry leading equipment and I’m the only one who uses it, so it’s available whenever I needed it.

I’m happy to record at a studio of your choice. But, I’m not sure why you’d want to when I can provide a much better rate from my studio, you can listen in and direct the voiceover session remotely without needing to leave the comfort of your office / arm chair / bed!

You can read more about the audio equipment and set-up on the studio page.

Working from my own studio, the question I’ll ask back is ‘how quickly do you need your voiceover recorded?’

The fastest I’ve ever done a voiceover in was 15 minutes; from the client sending me the script to the audio being recorded, edited and returned to them (it was a rush job for a radio commercial).

Most voiceover projects have a turnaround time of 24 hours; that’s from me receiving the script to you receiving the audio. If needed, I can do it same day or in less than an hour.

If its urgent, best to contact me by phone, all the details are on the contact page.

My studio is built around industry leading audio equipment and is fully sound proofed. It is a professional recording studio. This means that audio recorded in it will be on par with, if not better than, audio you hear broadcast on the radio / TV / internet.

You can read more about the equipment and set-up on the voice over home studio page.

YES! And I love it when clients listen in, they can hear exactly how the audio will sound as I’m voicing it and offer direction as needed (tone, pace etc.)

You’ve got an idea in your head of how you want the voiceover audio to sound, that exact idea may not come across in email. If you’re listening in whilst I record your script, you can hear the audio in real time and give me direction as to how you want it to sound.

There is no extra charge for listening in and directing the voiceover session. You can do it from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and you don’t need any extra software. I would suggest having headphones, but not essential.

Whichever format you need. Most popular audio formats that I deliver voiceover audio in are .wav and .mp3. But others are available if needed for on hold messaging / IVR. Simple let me know what you need when booking in the job.

So as not to clog up email with big audio files, I use Dropbox to deliver audio. When your voiceover has been recorded and edited, so it’s ready to use, you’ll receive a personal link to the audio. You’ll receive that link via email.

The audio can then be downloaded to your computer. Dropbox is safe and secure, so nobody else will have access to your audio.

I can do, providing you supply the music and have the rights to use it. Sound effects can also be added. There is an extra charge for both, contact me if you’d like a quote for either of these extra voiceover services.

I can do accents for your voiceover, but I sound best when I’m just being me; an English, British voice over artist with a neutral accent, closely matched to received pronunciation!

Whatever accent you’re looking for, personally, I feel there are so many brilliant voiceovers around the world that you’d be better off going with a native speaker rather than someone trying to put on an accent.

I use the safe and secure Stripe portal to accept all major credit and debit cards. Bank transfers via IBAN or BACS are also available.

If we’ve not worked together before, payment in advance of the audio being recorded is required.

Most likely, yes! I record voiceovers from my own studio, which I have access to all the time, so there is no waiting around for studio availability.

It takes one phone call or an email to get the hiring process started. Once I know your requirements, I can voice the script and have the audio back to you, ready to use, in less than 24 hours.

To hire a voice over artist you can:

Call or email me via the contact page

Oh! Sorry about that, thought I’d covered everything.

No problem, just get in touch with your voiceover related question via the contact page and I’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP.