Voice Over Artist with Home Studio.

If you’ve just landed on my site, welcome! Let me set the scene; I’m Neil, male voice talent based in London, England with my own voice over home studio. This page is all about that studio and what it’s built with. Okay, you’re good to go!

You could hire me and then book a separate studio to record in, but that would be expensive and daft. Why? Because I offer voiceover services where the price includes recording and editing of your audio in a professional studio, mine! And, they’re very competitive voice over rates, too.

What Recording Equipment Do I Use?

The studio is built with the same technology found in leading recording studios around the world, Click on an image for details about my voice over home studio set-up.

Why Hire A Voice Over Online With Home Studio?

Cheaper: booking a freelance voiceover artist who has their own home studio is always going to be better for your wallet than going through a voiceover agency – you’re cutting out the middle person (the agent) and you’re saving on the expense of booking a studio.

Quicker: you can send me your script now and I could have the audio back to you, ready to use, within 60 minutes! That’s the beauty of hiring a voice over online with their own studio; there is no waiting around for confirmation of talent availability or studio time etc.

What Does The Studio Sound Like?

After reading about all the tech in the studio, hows does it sound? Have a listen, or a watch, rather!  The video showreel is made up of audio that was all recorded in my voiceover home studio in London, England.

Our Voice Over Demos

Voice Talent Online Available Now!

There you have it, everything you need to know about my studio.

I offer professional voiceover services, that include recording and editing, at competitive rates with a fast turnaround.

 I’ll save you time and money in your quest to hire voice over artists online.