Neil Williams Voiceover Artist
Terms & Conditions

Just incase you’re wondering how things run when you hire me, here is everything you need to know about the voiceover service I offer.

Who am I and what I do!

Hi, I’m Neil! A professional male voiceover artist with more than 15 years’ experience voicing scripts for every genre of voiceover you can imagine, and some you can’t! I was born in the UK, as such, I’m an authentic British voiceover artist. I don’t put on or do other accents when recording; there are enough brilliant voiceovers out there who have authentic accents that would sound much better than me trying to put something on! All audio is recorded in my studio in London, England. Compared to a voiceover agent, I’m a cheap voiceover, but only when it comes to the price – the service I deliver is 5 star, as you can see from client testimonials.

How I Work

I believe that keeping it simple and straight forward is the easiest way for everybody, who needs extra hassle and stress in their life? I provide a full online voiceover service that includes recording, editing and delivery (more below about what’s included), charged on a per word basis; you just pay for what you need recording. The per word fee varies depending on the number of words in your script. If you’d like an instant quote for your project you can get one on my voiceover rates page. The fee quoted includes:

  • Preparation for the recording (confirming the style with you, any technical specifications you require and reviewing the script).
  • Recording of the voiceover in my sound proofed studio on professional grade audio equipment.
  • The option to listen in and direct the recording remotely at a mutually convenient time.
  • Editing of the audio so it is ‘as script’ and ready for you to use (removing any breaths or errors etc.).
  • Delivery of the audio via Dropbox in your choice of format (confirmed in the preparation for the recording).
  • Online / Internal usage of the audio in-perpetuity (see Audio Usage below for more on this and television, radio, cinema, inflight usage etc.).

We’ll agree the final fee before I start recording. This will be done in writing, via email. Your approval (by return email) with act as our contract.  There is no extra fee for using an NDA, but please do advise at time of fee agreement if one will be needed.

If we haven’t had the pleasure of working together before, payment will be required before audio is delivered. After that first time, the usual payment terms will apply, which are payment within 30 days of invoice date. Payment can be made via Paypal, BACS or IBAN. Details will be in your invoice.

About the Recording

As mentioned, all audio is recorded in my sound proofed studio, which is built with professional grade audio equipment. You are able to listen in and direct the recording session from wherever you are, at no extra fee. This will be done at a mutually agreed time. The easiest way to do this is via Skype. Other options are available, including source connect and ipDTL.

Before recording, I’ll need the final, approved version of the script, obviously. We’ll also discuss how you want the voiceover to sound / voiceover style (corporate, commercial, narration etc. etc.) If needed, I will record a few sentences of the script so you can approve the sound. You can also listen to my voiceover samples and let me know which style you prefer. To avoid delay in the recording of you project, please point out any acronyms, foreign words (non-English) or technical language and advise on how you’d like them pronounced.

Once the recording is finished, the audio will be edited so it matches the script. The editing includes removing of any abnormal sounding breaths and errors, along with minor processing. If you wish to have the raw audio, without processing, do let me know. The editing will be done by myself or outsourced to a freelance editor. If it is outsourced, an NDA is signed by the freelance editor for all work.

Unless otherwise requested by you, all audio will be recorded and delivered as a 16-bit/48Khz Wav file. When your audio is ready, I will email you a personalised link to download the file from Dropbox.

Audio Usage

The basic fee includes online / internal usage of the voiceover audio in perpetuity. This means you can use it on any legal (in your territory) online service (personal website, company website, social media, youtube, vimeo etc.) or internally within your company, forever.

If the audio I’m recording is for use on television, radio, cinema, in-flight entertainment (basically anywhere that isn’t online or internal), then a usage fee will be charged. This fee will be based on where the audio will be used and for how long. You also have the option to ‘buy out’ the usage. ‘Buy outs’ are generally more expensive as you’re buying the rights to use the audio indefinitely. Most clients opt for a usage fee covering a one or two year licence. When the licence expires, you can either renew it for another period of time or use the opportunity to refresh the audio with a new voiceover session and script.

What if Theres a Problem?

I’m proud to report that most of the voiceovers I record are repeat business. Having said that, sometimes it doesn’t go right – I’ll say a word wrong, there’ll be an error in the script that wasn’t noticed in the final version etc.

If I’ve made a mistake, I will, of course, fix it free of charge as quickly as possible. If you’ve made a mistake on the script, I will, of course, correct it as quickly as possible…but it may not always be free! Let me know as soon as you notice the error and we can work it out, a small free maybe charged depending on what needs doing.

Any other problems, just let me know as soon as possible and I’ll do my best to correct it.

That is about everything! If after reading that you have any questions, drop me a line. Look forward to working with you soon.