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Hi, I’m Neil a freelance voice talent online who records, edits and delivers professional voice overs.

Professional Voice Over Services by Neil Williams, British Male Voice Over Artist with Studio
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My Background

After an early career in radio, where I learnt the skills of bringing scripts to life and expertly editing audio, I started recording voiceovers in 2004…and I’ve been doing it ever since! 

Rick PeterRick Peter
13:55 13 Jan 24
Neil produced an excellent, neutral accent voiceover for us, at an exceptionally competitive price. He was a pleasure to work with – professional, reliable, and helpful, nothing was too much trouble. He understood our requirements perfectly, took our feedback on board, and was punctual (to the second!) when it came to meetings and provision of outputs – I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have a voiceover recorded.
Alan HunterAlan Hunter
16:54 12 Dec 23
Very pleased with the service. Quick, professional turnaround of voiceover script. Thank you!
Hernán GoldzycherHernán Goldzycher
09:43 03 May 23
I had the pleasure of working with Neil, and I couldn't be happier with the results. He took the time to understand the project and delivered exactly what I was looking for. He also worked quickly and efficiently without compromising the quality of his work. I highly recommend Neil for any voice over needs.
Kendra Perry-MullisKendra Perry-Mullis
14:32 24 Nov 22
I cannot say enough great things about Neil and his amazing voice! He makes everything sound better. He's very professional, prompt, and reasonable. His voice adds credibility to your projects. I wish he could follow me around and narrate my life!
Neil did an awesome job of some vocals for my Twitch stream and online mixes. VERY professional and friendly. Great to work with and will definatly be ordering some more soon. Thank you
Chris MillsChris Mills
16:55 05 Nov 20
I can't recommend Neil more highly. He is responsive to requests, excellent to deal with, and, most importantly, the end product is fantastic. We have used Neil for several eLearning and video projects, for differing audiences. Each and every time, Neil has delivered superb audio, without fail.
Miles ChicoineMiles Chicoine
16:11 04 Feb 19
Outstanding voice over artist. Neil is a true professional. He's a great communicator, has an eye for detail, delivers an outstanding quality performance and is capable of working to tight deadlines. We have no hesitation recommending Neil to anyone.
A photo of Neil Williams wearing headphones when he records his British Voice Overs. The headphones are Beyerdynamic, with grey ear coverings and a black head rest, with black chord. Neil is seen wearing a white shirt and black jacket, looking at the camera with his index finger over his lips, with the word 'shhh' written on it.

Freelance Voice Talent Online

In the last 20 years, I’ve established myself as a credible voice talent online, recording for both local businesses and blue-chip companies, and delivering 5-star rated voice over services.

How Do I Sound?

Voice Over Examples

Have a listen to these voice over examples to hear how I sound! Every client has an idea of the sound they’re after. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me for a free sample of your script based on your requirements.

I was born in the UK and grew up in North London. During my school years, I received elocution lessons to improve my speaking skills. My voice is naturally warm, confident, and clear, with a neutral English accent (non-regional).

I can do characters, if you wish. As a male voice over artist I tend to stick to voicing male characters…I can voice female parts, though they tend to sound a bit butch!

The Process
The Easy Way to Hire Voice Talent Online

4 Steps To finish Audio

1. Say Hi!

Being a voice talent online, send an email to tell me what you need voicing. You can also call or WhatsApp!

2. Approve

I’ll send you a sample and a quote. Simply review and give feedback or approve you’re happy to proceed.

3. Record

Once approved, I can get to work on the full script in my studio; recording and editing your audio so it's ready to use.

4. Delivery

When your audio is ready it will be available to download via a secure link, which I will email over to you.


Trusted By Clients

What Are My Voice Over Rates?

You won’t break the budget when you hire me! As a voice talent online, I have lower overheads than a voice over agency but still provide a professional, 5-star rated service with high-quality audio as standard. My service includes everything you need to receive ready-to-use audio.

Affordable Voice Over Rates

Most voice talent charge by the hour, which seems a little unfair when your script may only be five minutes long! I charge per word, so you only pay for what you need. You can get an idea of my affordable rates right now with my instant, no-obligation quote calculator.

a microphone on a wooden surface, as used by Neil Williams British Male Voice Over Artist in his studio, next to a pound sign in gold to show the affordable voice over rates

Why Hire My Online Voice Over Services?

I'm Ready To Record

Broadcast Ready Audio

Whether your audio is for a commercial, live event, on-hold message, or YouTube video, you’ll receive broadcast-ready audio—high enough quality to be broadcast on television or radio. This is my standard offering from my home voice over studio, which is equipped with industry-leading audio equipment

20 Years Behind The Microphone

Experienced Voice Talent Online

I didn’t just set myself up as a voice talent online yesterday! I’ve been recording for clients since 2004. If I wasn’t good at this, I wouldn’t still be in the business. Whenever I record, no matter the project, I bring all those years of experience with me, from microphone technique to editing skills and more.

Cheap Isn't A Bad Thing

Low Cost But high Quality

You won’t find many other voice over websites that offer the same pricing as mine. With my own studio, I’m able to offer lower rates as there is no hire fee for the studio and no middleman with an agency. If I’m not recording in the studio, it’s losing money, so I offer lower rates to keep busy. Despite this, you still get professional voice over services.

No Waiting Around

Need Your Audio Now?

Even if you don’t need your audio right away, you won’t have long to wait! Depending on the script length, I can record, edit, and deliver most requests within 24 hours. It’s an added bonus of hiring a voice talent online; you deal directly with me, in my own studio. I’m ready to record when you are. Plus, you can direct the session remotely if you like!

Got A Question?


What is a voice talent online?

image of computer monitor on a desk with a keyboard in front of it, a mouse to the right and a plant to the left. On the screen of the computer is a microphone, the type used when you hire a voice over artist online or a voice talent onlineQuite simply, a voice talent online is a voice over artist who offers their recording and editing services via their own voice over website. 99% of them will have their own professional studio to record in and offer competitive prices compared to a voice over agency. It saves money and time hiring a voice talent online, but you still get a professional service and high quality recording.

What voice over services do you offer?

I provide everything you need to receive ready to use audio for your project. I will record your voice over in my studio, edit the audio so it is ready to use and deliver it in your choice of format.

I can save the files to your specific requirements, too (you may want them split to match a presentation or slides of an e-learning project. I offer translation services along with the writing of scripts. I can also marry audio to video. Just let me know what you need. I’m a very versatile voice talent online.

Do you record accents and characters?

I can definitely do characters. Tell me what you’re after and I’ll give it a shot. As for accents, it really depends. If you’re after something specific, my view is that there are going to be many other brilliant voice talents online who will have the exact accent you’re after. Better to have an authentic sound.

Can you provide the raw audio?

Yep, sure. I can provide whatever you need. My audio is usually delivered edited, with some light processing, which makes I broadcast ready. But, I can provide ‘straight from mic’ audio, or rather the raw audio, if you prefer. You can then add your own processing after.

Do you only work online or can you visit a studio?

Whilst I am predominantly a voice talent online, which is how I can offer such affordable voice over rates, I am happy to record at a studio of your choice. However, the rate would be different. Contact me for more details. Before doing that, do bear in mind that my studio is built with industry leading recording equipment found in famous studios around the world, you can also log into my studio remotely to direct the session, as if you’re in the studio with me. So I’m no 100% sure why you’d want to pay extra just to see me in person.

Tips For Hiring A Voice Over

Let's Chat!

Hire Voice Talent Online

I’m ready to record when you are! I make it super simple to hire a voice talent online, who is backed bu five star reviews. 

Just tell me what you need voicing! I’ll happily record you a free sample and send you a quote, with no obligation to use my services.