Phone patch = easy voice over

UPDATE – This blog post was written AGES ago when phone patches were actually the best way to make doing a voice over easy. Since then, technolgy has moved on, lots. I now use ipDTL for recording remotely with clients and my phone patch is sat gathering dust. Ipdtl makes doing voiceovers very easy, not just for the voice over but the client, too.

Read more about ipDTL voiceovers and how to do a voicover using ipDTL.


Thankfully the cold has gone, WOO HOO, I sound normal again! Colds are super annoying to anyone, if you’re a voiceover, they can really mess around with on-going work and continuity of sound! Although, one producer asked if I could keep the sexy, husky sound I have when Ive got a cold…I’m very accommodating, but, sorry to say, I can’t!

This is just a quick post about the joys of a phone patch when doing a voice over! If you don’t know what that is, they are a god send, let me tell you more….

Ive just done a corporate voice over for McLaren/Johnnie Walker. The producer sent me the script with loads of notes about how it should be read, what words should be emphasised etc. etc. He clearly had a really good vision of how he wanted it to sound, which I love, always helps when there is good guidance on a voice over script.

Instead of me just trying to get it right, sending audio back, him replying, then getting back in the studio to make changes, I offered him the use of my studios phone patch. A phone patch used when doing a voice over is a brilliant bit of kit that enables the producer/client to listen into the voice over session as its being done, live! They listen in down the phone line and can offer feedback and guidance as you go. Most professional studios will have these, or an ISDN. Although, with ISDN you need to have an ISDN unit at either end and its used more for doing remote voiceover sessions.

The beauty of the phone patch is that whilst I’m doing the voice over, everything I say gets recorded, but everything the client producer says, doesn’t. So they can really get involved and get the read they want the first time, instead of going backwards and forwards over email. Makes everyones life easier and saves time – which equals saving in money.

If you’re interested in using the phone patch to record your voice over, get in touch by clicking here.

Right, back to work!