Just a quick one…..

Summer has been fairly busy, hence the lack of posts!
1) I’ve been working on various different voice over projects recently; did a string of radio adverts for the British Heart Foundation, some corporate work for Schlumberger  (tech company) along with a fair few radio and television promos for various different companies.
2) There have been lots of early mornings, like 4am – Ive been covering breakfast on Heart FM in London! As well as being a voiceover, I’m a radio presenter, have been for more than 10 years now. I usually host evenings on Heart FM, its a national show across the UK from 7pm – 10pm called Ring Roberto – yes, Roberto is my stage name, its a long story about how I got that name, but feel free to ask! Doing breakfast, Ive been up at silly o’clock, doing the show then heading back to my studio and cracking on with the normal daytime voice work and then heading to bed early, ready for the next day! Ive discovered I’m not a fan of early mornings!! Find out more about my radio career here
3) We’ve upgraded the studio to include new processing for voice overs, had lots of fun playing with that and setting it up. I noticed that clients had varying requests for how they wanted the voice to sound, some wanted a fully processed voice, ready for air, others wanted a completely raw voice so they could send the audio to a production house who would add their own processing, others wanted a half way house  – not overly processed but not a raw voice. The outcome of it all is that the audio coming from the studio now sounds even better than before and I can match clients desires even better.
Thats it, for now! But, if you need a voiceover or have any questions, get in touch here. And you can check out voice over samples here.
Catch you laterz