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Case Study

The Brand :


The Brief :

e-Learning voice over for a GCSE study video. Informative, clear and friendly. Confident with an air of authority.

The Process :

BKSB got in touch to request a voice over sample then sent over a script. I recorded, edited and processed the audio at my recording studio. The file was then later synced to the study video animation.

The Result :

An e-Learning video with voice over for GCSE students. The video taught syllabus points clearly and engaged learners in the topics covered.

Why Choose Me For Your E-Learning Voice Over?

A teacher needs to hold the attention of their students. My e-learning voice overs are always engaging, crystal clear and easy to understand.

I can adapt my pace and tone to suit the project. And use my warm and informative voice to deliver training on even the most complex of topics.

If you’d like to hear how I’d sound as your e-learning voice over, request a free sample of your script.

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Do you need a British voice over artist for...

An e-Learning course?

A YouTube video?

Or, are you looking for a vibrant commercial voice over artist? Or, maybe an informative e-Learning voice over? I’m experienced in those categories, and more. My voice is naturally warm, friendly and upbeat with a neutral English accent. I can be the voiceover for your corporate narration or event, and you could have the audio recorded same day.