A solution to dealing with difficult names if you’re a voiceover

Over the last few weeks, Ive been working with a company producing video highlights of sporting events – ironically, I’m not a massive sporting fan, yet get lots of voiceover work for sports stuff, such as ESPN!

The scripts come through with lots of complicated names that, unless you were a native, are hard to pronounce exactly the right way. This was a concern of mine, I didn’t want to let the client down and I also didn’t want to do the athletes any injustice  – they’ve just slogged there guts out, got first place and I go saying their name wrong – not good!
Recording the scripts remotely i.e. the client is abroad at the event, emailing scripts directly to my studio in London, I voice and send back for them to put together with the video, it was hard to talk on the phone all the time, also costly to keep ringing – from a mobile abroad is an added expense, especially if there are lots of names to go through.
So, what was the solution? Very simply a voice/memo recorded on a mobile phone. Most smartphones come with something that you can record your voice with and email the file to someone, and if they don’t there are apps you can get that will enable you to, and thats what I suggested the client did.
And that was that problem solved. The client recorded all the names directly into his phone – any they didn’t know, they could find someone that did in their own time without having to worry about call charges etc. They then emailed me the file, I could then listen to the names over and over again, to make sure I got them completely correct.  Client v happy, me v happy…..athletes v happy at having their names said correctly!!!
Hear samples of how this production came out at neil-williams.local
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