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Need a voice over? Theres an Easy Way and Hard Way!

Recently I’ve been working with lots of different clients who have commented on how easy its been working with me. Obviously chuffed to hear that, and got me thinking that if you need a voice over, theres an easy way and hard way to get it done…

The Hard Way (worst option)

If you need a voice over and have nothing better to do with your time, along with an unlimited budget then you might actually pick this option! It does involve lots of extra work on your (clients) part – you have to find a voiceover to start with, possibly using a pushy voiceover agent who’s going to add their fee on top. Find a studio thats free on a date you want to record and a date that the voice talent is available. Then hire a studio engineer to run the desk and record the session. Once the voice over session is done, if you need anything re-voiced or there is a script change at a later date, you have to go through the entire process again. Very time consuming and costly.

The Easy Way (best option)

Contact me with your script and what you’re after…then just sit back and relax, I’ll deliver your audio directly to you, usually same day. And any re-takes or minor script changes will be done swiftly and usually for free!

With a broadcast quality voice over studio on hand and over 15 years experience, I’ll save you time and money by offering a one stop voice over service – recording, editing and delivery of your audio. You can also listen in and direct the voice over session via ISDN, ipDTL or Skype at no extra cost…all without moving from your desk (unless you want to grab a coffee whilst relaxing ????)

Need to hire a voice over? Call 0330 12 00 118 or tell me what you’re after here. Look forward to working with you soon.

Neil Williams
Male Voice Over Artist with Studio


If you decide to go with the Hard Way for your next voice over project, good luck! Here is something to help with the stress and keep you calm.