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Male or Female Voice Over?

So, you need to hire a voice over artist; you’ve nailed down the idea, the script has been approved just got to find the right voice over to bring it all to life. First thing to decide, do you go with a male or female voice over?

Does it REALLY matter?

The quick answer here is…no! It’s entirely up to you, the client, as to which gender of voice over you go with. Having said that, if you pick the wrong sex, the audio may not impact with your audience as much as you hope.

Imagine a guy voicing a script for a web promo video that’s about the latest must try lipstick (unless its male lipstick,Male or Female Voice Over? Hire A Voice Artist Joey!) Would the female audience really buy into that? Unlikely. The same response would also work if a girl voiced a commercial talking about power tools. It’s unlikely that either pieces of audio would relate with their target audience…as sexiest as they may sound, but its true.

They are just two very extreme examples based on the product. When it comes to how we perceive the male and female voices, men are generally associated with authoritative, factual information pieces, for example the kind of voice you’d hear on an e-learning project or instruction video. Women are perceived as being nurturing, more compassionate and gentle, which can work well with book narrations, radio commercials and IVR.

Male or Female Voice Over – the final decision

There is no hard and fast rule as to which gender is going to work best on your script. It comes down to the demographic you’re talking to, the type of product you’re dealing with and message you want to get across….oh, and client preference!!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a male voice over artist. And, whilst I can mould my voice to do many things, if you need to hire a female voice over there ain’t nothing better than the real thing! I can highly recommend Lucy Ellis for all you female voice over needs. Like me, she records in a broadcast quality studio, offers a quick turnaround and very competitive voice over rates.

Whether you need a male voice over or female, or simply can’t decided, if I can be of any help when it comes to hiring a voice over, just drop me a line through the contact page.


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