Neil records projects in his fully sound proofed, broadcast quality studio based in London, England. With his own voice over studio he can offer a fast turnaround and competitive voice over rates.

Click on the images below to find out more about Neil’s voice over studio.

Neumann Microphone used to record voice overs


Avalon Pre Amp gives power to the voice over microphone


Apogee interface converts the voice over audio from analogue to digital


Mac is used to record and edit the voice over


Presonus Speakers used for monitoring the voice over audio


ipDTL enables clients to listen in and direct the voice over session remotely


Sound Proofing dampens the voice over studio and helps keep noise out


A strong script and skilled voice over artist is one half of a successful voice recording project. The other key component of audio quality is the voice over recording studio. You could hire a voice actor for their luxuriant, velvet delivery, but a poor microphone, cheap pre-amp or a poorly sound proofed studio can reduce something special to outright irritating.

Neil invests in innovative technologies to produce professional, broadcast standard voice over work. His London voice recording studio includes industry leading brands and technologies, such as Neumann, Avalon and Apogee. Fully soundproofed, Neil’s professional recording studio ensures the highest quality audio for your project.