Neil is an English male voice over artist available to hire online. His voice has a natural warmth and energy that is friendly and welcoming, with a non-regional English accent. With over fifteen years behind the mic, he is an experienced voice over artist recording from his own studio in London, England.

To hear what he sounds like, have a listen to the selection of voice over demos below.

Voice Over Demo Video

Listening to voice over demos can be a little strange; you’re just hearing random audio with no idea of its context! To help solve that Neil created this voice over video showreel from a selection of recent projects, voiced at his studio and edited with footage/visuals, demonstrating numerous different voiceover genres.

Every project is different, you’ll have an idea in your head of what you’d like you’re voice over to sound like. To request a free voice over sample of your script, scroll to the bottom of this page or head to the contact page.

Voice Over Demos by Category

Below you can listen to various voice over demos from Neil, sectioned into the most popular genres. Unlike a voiceover agency, Neil can offer you a fast service (with his own studio most projects can be recorded and delivered within 24 hours) that is competitively priced. You can also listen in to the voice over session and direct it from anywhere in the world, at no extra cost, using ipDTL.