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    Case Study

    The Brand :

    Johnson & Johnson

    The Brief :

    Narrator voice over talent. Engaging and clear. Suitable for viewers who speak English as a second language.

    The Process :

    I worked closely with the brand’s production company to develop the right tone and pace for this project. I recorded and edited the audio from my studio. And had the team listen in to the recording session so as to check pronunciation of complex medical terms.

    The Result :

    A medical voice over for a video informing doctors of medical breakthroughs. The video was used at medical conferences and events.

    Why Choose Me For Your Narration Voice Over?

    I’ve been working as a voice over for the past 15 years. Because of all that experience, my voice is very versatile. And I can grab a viewer’s attention from the start.

    I can adapt my narrator voice over to your audience. Young or old. Beginner or expert. And I can take on a wide range of character voices too.

    I’m also skilled at medical voice overs. Complex terminology and dense subjects. I can make it clear and engaging.

    Want to hear how I’d sound on your video project? Request a sample narration voice over today.

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    Neil is a British male voice over artist with over 15 years experience and his own studio in London, UK. Rates for commercials vary depending on length and usage, but for competitive voice over rates without compromising on quality, send Neil a message and let’s get started.