How a Professional Voiceover can Bring your eLearning Course to Life

With eLearning having become so much more important and in demand in recent times, I have certainly been doing a lot more voiceover work for online learning course providers lately, and the feedback I’ve been getting is that the courses have been considered professional and engaging by the students.

With this in mind, I’d like to share with you some thoughts on how a professional eLearning narrator can breathe life into an eLearning course, so that you can consider it for your next programme!

Lots of course providers put a great deal of time and effort into creating high quality content to aid online learning, making sure it’s comprehensive and easy to follow. But when it comes to eLearning narration, for some reason there is a tendency to ‘make do’ with ‘Gill in the office’. But whilst Gill might have a nice sounding voice, her talents really lie with admin, rather than voicing courses.

The truth is, the voice that goes with your eLearning content has a lot to do with the success of the course overall. Amateur narration is easy to spot, and could potentially affect the reputation of your establishment, as well as leaving students feeling somewhat disengaged. This means you may struggle to build up good reviews, and will likely lose out on repeat business.

So, let me share with you some reasons why investing in a professional voiceover for your eLearning course could pay dividends.

What are the benefits of using a professional narrator for your eLearning courses?

We professional narrators are trained to produce audio narration in a perfectly polished format. One that’s ready to drop straight into your course, with no added work from you. Here are a few more advantages to the pro voiceover:

Pitch perfect tone

Good eLearning narrators know their craft. They have honed their voices to resonate with students, to engage listeners. They are easy to understand and speak clearly so they’re perfectly understood.

An eLearning narrator will tell a story rather than just read a page. And they know just when to accentuate certain words or change pace, adding interest and depth and conveying the right emotion.

If you are looking for a particular character or tone of voice for your online course, then you’ll only ever get that from a professional voice artist. Generally, eLearning is best delivered in a conversational tone rather than a formal one, and an amateur always tends to speak in the latter, putting on a voice, rather than reading naturally.

High quality production

We voiceover artists invest a great deal into our ‘kit’. We have a professional studio setup, with all the right equipment to efficiently record great sounding audio. So you won’t hear any background noise or static. What you will get is studio-quality sound quality that’s totally flawless.

Right-first-time recording

This is where the value comes in. Lots of online learning providers steer away from using professional narrators for their courses, believing they are too expensive. But with a pro, you get value, because your recording will always be right first time.

With no edits, cuts, enhancements or re-records, and with Gill concentrating on her admin rather than narrating your course, you are likely to save money rather than the opposite.

Enhance your eLearning with a Professional Voiceover

A professional eLearning narrator can make a positive impression on students. Word of mouth is powerful, if you’ll pardon the pun. With your courses polished to perfection in every respect, you’ll get to enjoy more repeat purchases, and definitely a lot more great reviews and new students.

Looking for an experienced, male eLearning narrator? Look no further! I have specific experience in this area, and lots of it. Why not discover how I sound, or get in touch to discover how I could be of service?