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Johnson & Johnson required a clear and engaging English voiceover to narrate the complex subject within a medical video. The video was to be shown to doctors around the world, whose first language may not be English. Below is a short sample of the narration voiceover provided by Neil.

What does a Narrator Voice Over Do?

Narration voice over work can involve projects as diverse as making a short story video or animation production needing a professional voice over, to serious documentary voice over work, or even providing audio for training videos, where the narrator voice over explains what the viewer is seeing for clarification of a scene in order to aid learning of the students watching.

Essentially, the male narrator voice over talent will be working with nuanced voice over scripts, where there may be a range of character voices, or where clarity of enunciation is paramount to ensure continued listening and enjoyment. Narration may be for adults or children and as diverse as the organisations wanting to get their messages and stories to their audiences. It is essential to hire the right professional voice over for your unique and creative audio.

Neil’s voice over experience has been built up over many years, from his successful career in radio and with helping to narrate a range of creative video productions, documentaries and training videos for clients as diverse as the Australian Tourist Board, the BBC and Crossrail.

Working with major brands every day, Neil understands the importance of engaging the ear of their audiences quickly and maintaining their attention and interest whatever other distractions could be going on and however difficult the narrative. Striking the right tone for your audience and effectively pacing is a key part of Neil’s narrator voice over expertise.

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Narrator Voice Over Case Study

Johnson and Johnson commissioned Madtown Media, a production company in Chicago, USA, to create a video that would be used at events to inform doctors of medical breakthroughs. Madtown initially contacted Neil, along with other voice over artist, for a sample of the script, so as to play to the final client for selection and approval.

Have being selected, Neil worked closely with Madtown media to ensure the tone of this complex video was perfect. It needed to be engaging and clear with a little bit of pace, so as to keep the viewers attention and convey the complex message to the audience, some of who may not have English as a first language.

Medical narration voiceovers are, by their nature, difficult! The medical world is full of complicated, long words and names. Unless you’re in that world 24/7, you may not know those words or their pronunciations. For this reason, Neil recorded the voiceover with the client listening in and directing the session remotely – Neil in London and Madtown in Chicago. Using ipDTL, Madtown were able to hear what Neil was voicing in real time, and in high quality audio, as if they were in the studio with him. Doing it like this, the client was able to check pronunciations of medical terms as the script was being voiced. This saved time and money.

Once the session was complete, Neil edited the audio and added processing before delivering it in the required format via Dropbox.

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