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Latest Voiceover Showreel from Neil Williams, English Voiceover Artist with Studio

Its been nearly a year since I updated my voiceover showreel, thats how busy 2015 was…and the start of 2016 hasn’t been much quieter (I’m not complaining). I believe its important to update reels regularly, keep them fresh, but then there are only so many hours in a voiceovers day!

The New Voiceover Showreel

As per usual, this reel was created in house and showcases a small selection of projects I’ve worked on over the past year. All voiceovers were recorded at my studio and editing facilities in London, England. So, without further a do, press play and have a listen…

About this Voiceover Showreel

This reel shows off a more natural voiceover style in many of the clips, through experience over the last year I’ve discovered the ‘natural voice over’ sound is in big demand at the moment. Having said that, I’ve added ‘voiceover’ sounding samples in there as I often get requests for ‘that voiceover’ sound! There are corporate, documentary, explainer, e-learning and commercial samples in this reel.

Complicated Names

There is a medical voiceover sample in there, too. I’ve added that to demonstrate how I handle complicated and hard to say names etc. If you can do medical voiceovers and make it sound like you know what you’re talking about, then you’ve nailed it as the names of some of the drugs are just toooo complicated. In situations like that, its so much help having a client sit in on the session via ipDTL.

Final Words

Hope you like the new voiceover demo! If you need to hire a voiceover artist with a studio, drop me a line via the contact page. I offer a professional voiceover service and fast turn around at a competitive price.

Look forward to working with you soon

Neil Williams

1 thought on “Latest Voiceover Showreel from Neil Williams, English Voiceover Artist with Studio”

  1. Hilarious! I just posted on your, I think it was Nov. 2015 blog about showreels that you should update them ideally every 6 months but def every year! I am preaching to the choir! I say that but I am almost 3 months past due myself….I have a had a huge project consume me since Thanksgiving (note to self, never, ever, ever take a huge project the day before Thanksgiving!!!! I missed out on all of that last minute Christmas commercial work $$$$. Live and learn, right?!) I liked this demo but I liked the sony one I think it is the second one better than the first…when I listen, I want to hear something that makes me want to listen longer and that sony one made me what to listen longer but the first one did not so much. And yes, I have the “Announcer” voice as well (radio career spanning back 20+ years) but nowadays when I give the client a complimentary :20 audition I give two versions often times, one announcer and one “conversational” and 90% of the time they choice the “conversational” I put that in ” bc I have heard not to describe it that way but honestly, to me that is the best way to describe the trend that we are in.

    Sending some Florida sunshine your way!

    Cheers from across the pond,

    Tricia Lynn

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