How to do a voiceover using ipDTL

If you’ve not heard of ipDTL, it runs on Google Chrome and enables the client (you) to listen in and direct a voiceover session with me, as I voice your script at my studio in London, from wherever you maybe in the world! You get a high quality feed, as if you’re in the studio with me, but nothing you say gets recorded.

Ultimately, this saves time and money – there’s no travelling to a studio, no going backwards and forwards on email/phone trying to get it just right. Having you in on a session means we can nail the voice over in one go, and you get exactly what you’re after.

Once the session is finished, I’ll edit the audio down and Dropbox it over to you, in your choice of format. Or, you can record it your end, if you prefer.

Getting Started with ipDTL

You’ll need:

  • A computer, with microphone (most laptops have this built in)
  • A good internet connection (wifi is okay, cabled much better)
  • Headphones (not essential, but a help)
  • Google Chrome (only works with this browser)

How to do a voiceover with ipDTL

ipDTL is really easy to use, with just 3 steps to get going.

Step 1

Click on the link below (or copy and paste into Google Chrome). Its a unique login that will connect you with my studio.

ipDTL Link+

Step 2

Enter your name in the box at the top right, then click ‘Enter’.

Image of the ipDTL login page where you enter your name

Step 3

You’ll then see the main ipDTL interface, that looks like this…

image showing main ipDTL interface

…and that is it, you’re done! I’ll see when you’ve logged in and say hello.

The simple ipDTL interface

1.clicking on the mixer icon in the top right of the screen (circled in red, below) will bring up a little mixing desk. You can adjust the volume here and select which audio source to use (it will usually select this for you, but if you’re using an external sound card, you may need to adjust it manually).

image of ipdtl screen showing mixer and chat


2.There is also a chat area (circled in blue, above) where you can upload files, new scripts or just make notes and send them to me as I voice, in case you don’t want to interrupt the flow.

Lets get this voiceover done!

And that is it, super easy to use and real quick to get started!  If you need to hire a voiceover make sure they have ipDTL, it’ll make the project run so much more smoothly.

If you have any questions or would like to book in a voice over session with me, simply fill in the form on the contact page and I’ll get back to you.

Want to have ipDTL in your studio?

As you can see, its so simple to use and available anywhere there is an internet connection. Find out more and sign up for ipDTL here.


Neil Williams

English Male Voiceover Artist with ipDTL


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