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How To Hire Voice Actors

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Female or Male Voice Over?

Do You Require A Male Voice Over Artist?

Are you choosing a voiceover for your project?

Research has shown than male voices are associated with neutrality and are particularly great for conveying authoritative, factual information. While female voices are more associated with nurturing and compassion. However, researchers found that in terms of ‘forcefulness’, there wasn’t much difference- if any- between the two.

No matter your target demographic or the message, why not make life easier with Neil Williams, male voice over artist?

No matter the style, tone or accent you’re after, Neil is a highly versatile voice over artist with his own recording studio. He has over fifteen years experience and has worked on a wide range of projects. Voicing young to middle aged males with a neutral English accent, his voice is warm, friendly and highly professional sounding.

As a male voiceover artist with studio he offers the complete voice over service! This includes preparing the script, voicing at his studio in London, England, along with editing and processing of the finished voiceover. As for the price, not as expensive as you may think. The words ‘cheap voiceover’ are nasty and don’t do the service that Neil offers justice. But, his price is cheap, so lets call it competitively priced.  No other voice over artist will make the process easier or more straightforward and at a competitive price (and definitely much cheaper than going through a voice over agent)!

Previous clients include British Airways, Sky and Toyota, with projects including everything from on-hold messages to animations.

So, if you’re script is ready, why not contact Neil today?

Latest Voiceover Showreel from Neil Williams, English Voiceover Artist with Studio

Its been nearly a year since I updated my voiceover showreel, thats how busy 2015 was…and the start of 2016 hasn’t been much quieter (I’m not complaining). I believe its important to update reels regularly, keep them fresh, but then there are only so many hours in a voiceovers day!

The New Voiceover Showreel

As per usual, this reel was created in house and showcases a small selection of projects I’ve worked on over the past year. All voiceovers were recorded at my studio and editing facilities in London, England. So, without further a do, press play and have a listen…

About this Voiceover Showreel

This reel shows off a more natural voiceover style in many of the clips, through experience over the last year I’ve discovered the ‘natural voice over’ sound is in big demand at the moment. Having said that, I’ve added ‘voiceover’ sounding samples in there as I often get requests for ‘that voiceover’ sound! There are corporate, documentary, explainer, e-learning and commercial samples in this reel.

Complicated Names

There is a medical voiceover sample in there, too. I’ve added that to demonstrate how I handle complicated and hard to say names etc. If you can do medical voiceovers and make it sound like you know what you’re talking about, then you’ve nailed it as the names of some of the drugs are just toooo complicated. In situations like that, its so much help having a client sit in on the session via ipDTL.

Final Words

Hope you like the new voiceover demo! If you need to hire a voiceover artist with a studio, drop me a line via the contact page. I offer a professional voiceover service and fast turn around at a competitive price.

Look forward to working with you soon

Neil Williams

English Male Voiceover Artist with Studio

image of neil williams voiceover artist with headphones on saying sssshhh after recording a voiceover showreel

How to do a voiceover using ipDTL

If you’ve not heard of ipDTL, it runs on Google Chrome and enables the client (you) to listen in and direct a voiceover session with me, as I voice your script at my studio in London, from wherever you maybe in the world! You get a high quality feed, as if you’re in the studio with me, but nothing you say gets recorded.

Ultimately, this saves time and money – there’s no travelling to a studio, no going backwards and forwards on email/phone trying to get it just right. Having you in on a session means we can nail the voice over in one go, and you get exactly what you’re after.

Once the session is finished, I’ll edit the audio down and Dropbox it over to you, in your choice of format. Or, you can record it your end, if you prefer.

Getting Started with ipDTL

You’ll need:

  • A computer, with microphone (most laptops have this built in)
  • A good internet connection (wifi is okay, cabled much better)
  • Headphones (not essential, but a help)
  • Google Chrome (only works with this browser)

How to do a voiceover with ipDTL

ipDTL is really easy to use, with just 3 steps to get going.

Step 1

Click on the link below (or copy and paste into Google Chrome). Its a unique login that will connect you with my studio.

ipDTL Link+

Step 2

Enter your name in the box at the top right, then click ‘Enter’.

Image of the ipDTL login page where you enter your name

Step 3

You’ll then see the main ipDTL interface, that looks like this…

image showing main ipDTL interface

…and that is it, you’re done! I’ll see when you’ve logged in and say hello.

The simple ipDTL interface

1.clicking on the mixer icon in the top right of the screen (circled in red, below) will bring up a little mixing desk. You can adjust the volume here and select which audio source to use (it will usually select this for you, but if you’re using an external sound card, you may need to adjust it manually).

image of ipdtl screen showing mixer and chat


2.There is also a chat area (circled in blue, above) where you can upload files, new scripts or just make notes and send them to me as I voice, in case you don’t want to interrupt the flow.

Lets get this voiceover done!

And that is it, super easy to use and real quick to get started!  If you need to hire a voiceover make sure they have ipDTL, it’ll make the project run so much more smoothly.

If you have any questions or would like to book in a voice over session with me, simply fill in the form on the contact page and I’ll get back to you.

Want to have ipDTL in your studio?

As you can see, its so simple to use and available anywhere there is an internet connection. Find out more and sign up for ipDTL here.


Neil Williams

English Male Voiceover Artist with ipDTL


How to Hire A Voice Over Artist Online

Hiring a voice over online, who has a studio, is easy! It’s far simpler, quicker and cheaper than if you hired one through an agent.

A voiceover agent is just the middleman who adds a fee on top, bumping up the cost. If you hire through an agent, you’re also likely to have to hire a recording studio – again, more expense. Better to go direct to the voice over talent.

Neil is a British male voice over artist who’s been recruited by companies and individuals around the world to provide an English voice over for a vast range of projects – all hired online. He offers a professional voiceover service – voicing, recording and editing from his studio based in London, England.

How to hire a voice over online in just three steps:

1) Make contact with Neil to discuss the project and quotes.
2) Send Neil the script
3) Receive your audio, in your choice of format, ready to be used.

It’s that simple, really!

If you need to hire a voice over artist with studio, you can get started right now! In most cases you’ll receive the audio back within 24 hours. There is also no extra charge for minor script changes or re-takes.


How to hire a voice over online

Need a voice over? Theres an Easy Way and Hard Way!

Recently I’ve been working with lots of different clients who have commented on how easy its been working with me. Obviously chuffed to hear that, and got me thinking that if you need a voice over, theres an easy way and hard way to get it done…

The Hard Way (worst option)

Need a voice over done, do it the easy way with Neil Williams Male Voice Over Artist with studio

Dont pull your hair out if you need a voice over done, do it the easy way.

If you need a voice over and have nothing better to do with your time, along with an unlimited budget then you might actually pick this option! It does involve lots of extra work on your (clients) part – you have to find a voiceover to start with, possibly using a pushy voiceover agent who’s going to add their fee on top. Find a studio thats free on a date you want to record and a date that the voice talent is available. Then hire a studio engineer to run the desk and record the session. Once the voice over session is done, if you need anything re-voiced or there is a script change at a later date, you have to go through the entire process again. Very time consuming and costly.

The Easy Way (best option)

Contact me with your script and what you’re after…then just sit back and relax, I’ll deliver your audio directly to you, usually same day. And any re-takes or minor script changes will be done swiftly and usually for free!

With a broadcast quality voice over studio on hand and over 15 years experience, I’ll save you time and money by offering a one stop voice over service – recording, editing and delivery of your audio. You can also listen in and direct the voice over session via ISDN, ipDTL or Skype at no extra cost…all without moving from your desk (unless you want to grab a coffee whilst relaxing 😜)

Need to hire a voice over? Call 0330 12 00 118 or tell me what you’re after here. Look forward to working with you soon.

Neil Williams
Male Voice Over Artist with Studio



If you decide to go with the Hard Way for your next voice over project, good luck! Here is something to help with the stress and keep you calm.

ipDTL Voiceover

ipDTL, you heard about it yet?

I’m now a fully signed up ipDTL voiceover, with Link+, but whats it all about? Read on to find out, or head straight to the bottom to try ipDTL for FREE!

I read something about it last year(2013), it won an award, didn’t really take much notice as theres always new innovations winning awards, then they just disappear, never to be heard of again.

This one cropped up again following a conversation with a voiceover friend who asked if Id thought about getting it. My ears pricked up when he said it was as good as, if not better than, ISDN for voiceovers and a fraction of the price.

ISDN in the UK isn’t cheap, I don’t think it is anywhere. As a voiceover, I have it so I can do remote voiceover sessions for studios and producers around the world. Its the industry standard for doing that kind of work, does the job, and the work I get using it, ensures that it pays its way. I was sceptical about this new ipDTL and it being as good as ISDN over the internet, at a fraction of the cost, so I decided to investigate further.

Who are these guys?

ipDTL comes from the In:Quality team, a new company that was only set up last year, already they are doing stormingly well. The idea behind ipDTl was originally for remote radio and tv contribution, it soon became apparent that it would be great for voiceover artists too.

The Tech side of it…

The tech behind ipDTL involves WebRTC (Real Time Communication) on Google Chrome, basically enabling browser-to-browser applications, such as video chat and voice calls, without plugins. You can currently only use ipDTL via Google Chrome.

But how good is it?

In a nutshell, very good! Before purchasing the HQ Audio Login (with audio at 128kbit/s) I tested it against my ISDN, I wanted to make sure it lived up to the claims. We played music down both lines, ISDN and ipDTL, along with dry voiceovers. The results were brilliant. The audio was crystal clear, the delay/lag on the ISDN was slightly more than on ipDTl, yes, you read that right, the delay was more on ISDN.

Whilst the ISDN had a solid connection throughout the tests, the ipDTL did drop out a few times, which did put a downer on things. But, we didn’t give up on it because of that. After logging off and reconnecting, making sure we were hard wired to the router, rather than wi-fi, and that there was minimal traffic on the network, we reconnected. This time, it worked like a charm, no dropouts and the audio sounded fantastic.

Do you need super fast broadband?

No! Despite the dropouts we experienced, you don’t need a mega fast connection. We tested it on ADSL and Fibre Optic Broadband. The upload speed of your connection is the more important one, to run 128K voiceover session, you need a minimum upload of between 700 – 800 kb. We tested it on a connection thats capped at 1mb upload, the speed reading was 837k, it worked very well, with no dropouts at that speed.

Is it easy to set-up?

Incredibly! Once we’d signed up, got the login and installed Google Chrome, we were away. One person logs in to the account(for example the voiceover), the other person(studio/producer) gets a link to click on. The voiceover, in this scenario, clicks call and you’re connected instantly. With a few minor system preference adjustments for routing sound, input and output, we were done. The voiceover could be heard clearly, as could the studio, enabling talkback.

What does Link+ mean?

At time of writing, when you sign up for an account, you only get one login, which means you have to buy a separate link if you want to work with other people via ipDTL, unless they have their own login. Link+ simply means that I’m ready to do voiceovers with anyone that needs them, I just send them the link+ I have, they click it on and we’re connected. The Link+ is useless without you logging in, so don’t worry about other people using something you’ve paid for.

I think Ive covered everything there, its basically the end for ISDN and the beginning of something brilliant for voiceover artists. If you’ve got any questions about how I use it, do leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Or get in touch with me via the booking page.

If you need a voice over, wherever you are in the world, I can now do it for you, all you need is google chrome and we’re away. Book a session here.

Also, if you want to try ipDTL for FREE, just click the image below.

ipDTL Voiceover Neil Williams

Phone patch = easy voice over

UPDATE – This blog post was written AGES ago when phone patches were actually the best way to make doing a voice over easy. Since then, technolgy has moved on, lots. I now use ipDTL for recording remotely with clients and my phone patch is sat gathering dust. Ipdtl makes doing voiceovers very easy, not just for the voice over but the client, too.

Read more about ipDTL voiceovers and how to do a voicover using ipDTL.


Thankfully the cold has gone, WOO HOO, I sound normal again! Colds are super annoying to anyone, if you’re a voiceover, they can really mess around with on-going work and continuity of sound! Although, one producer asked if I could keep the sexy, husky sound I have when Ive got a cold…I’m very accommodating, but, sorry to say, I can’t!

This is just a quick post about the joys of a phone patch when doing a voice over! If you don’t know what that is, they are a god send, let me tell you more….

Ive just done a corporate voice over for McLaren/Johnnie Walker. The producer sent me the script with loads of notes about how it should be read, what words should be emphasised etc. etc. He clearly had a really good vision of how he wanted it to sound, which I love, always helps when there is good guidance on a voice over script.

Instead of me just trying to get it right, sending audio back, him replying, then getting back in the studio to make changes, I offered him the use of my studios phone patch. A phone patch used when doing a voice over is a brilliant bit of kit that enables the producer/client to listen into the voice over session as its being done, live! They listen in down the phone line and can offer feedback and guidance as you go. Most professional studios will have these, or an ISDN. Although, with ISDN you need to have an ISDN unit at either end and its used more for doing remote voiceover sessions.

The beauty of the phone patch is that whilst I’m doing the voice over, everything I say gets recorded, but everything the client producer says, doesn’t. So they can really get involved and get the read they want the first time, instead of going backwards and forwards over email. Makes everyones life easier and saves time – which equals saving in money.

Phone Patch = easy voice over

This is the piece of kit that makes a voice over very easy, meet the phone patch.

If you’re interested in using the phone patch to record your voice over, get in touch by clicking here.

Right, back to work!