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Hi! My name is Neil, and I am a British freelance voice over artist based in London, England. I am proud to have twenty years of professional English voice over experience and to have a successful radio career under my belt.

From my fully equipped studio, I work with companies big and small as a freelance voice talent including Sony, ESPN and TripAdvisor to name but a few. I love my work. Bringing documentaries to life. Engaging learners. Advertising a product.

My voice overs in English have been used for an astounding variety of corporate, commercial, e-learning and narration videos.

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English voice over talent

I was born and raised in the UK. My accent is neutral and non-regional and is closely matched to Received Pronunciation.

My voice has been honed through experience to enable me to portray a range of male British voice over characters, from young adult through to middle-aged man. I offer strong versatility when it comes to style, tone and pacing to suit your project and audience. 

With a wealth of expertise in entertaining and engaging audiences, my voice is a good fit for most voice over projects. Head to my voice over demos page to hear my voice in action.

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When you hire my voice over artist services online as your British voice talent, you get more than just a voice. You get a complete service.

You can book my English voiceovers online for ease of use. I invite all clients to remotely sit in on recording sessions via ipDTL software. This allows to you hear exactly what is being recorded, and direct the session to make sure we produce the perfect result. I create the voice, carry out the editing, and process the final audio all as one complete service from my very own professional recording studio. 

My services are designed for ultimate convenience. That in mind I can take you from your idea, through to an audio file delivered to your inbox and ready to use within a day or two.

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My voice over studio

I am very proud of my London recording studio. It is the result of years of investment and is built with top of the range industry-leading audio technology. As a result, I offer resources that rival the biggest recording studios in the world at a fraction of the cost.

 My audio equipment is curated from companies at the top of the market, such as Neumann and Avalon. The studio is, of course, fully soundproofed to a professional level. I believe that superior technology is the key to producing profound quality alongside value for every English voice over audio recording.

Full details about my equipment and high spec studio can be found at my voice over studio page.

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Tight budget

On a Tight Budget?

Professionalism needn’t cost the earth. My rates are highly competitive, and I aim to always keep them so.

By working directly with me as a British voice over talent, rather than through an intermediary, we can cut out the agency costs, saving you money.
I keep my English voice over services cost-effective by cutting out the middle man and offering a fully comprehensive direct service.

Tight deadline

On a Tight Deadline?

Voice over talent needed with a fast turnover?
I offer an expedited service on all British voice over service online orders and pride myself on delivering 99% of projects within 24-hours.

My high-spec studio offers generous cost savings, as there is no need to pay for studio time, editing or engineer costs. Quality production works seamlessly with the best voice talent.

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