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How to do a voiceover using ipDTL

If you’ve not heard of ipDTL, it runs on Google Chrome and enables the client (you) to listen in and direct a voiceover session with me, as I voice your script at my studio in London, from wherever you maybe in the world! You get a high quality feed, as if you’re in the studio with […]

How to Hire A Voice Over Artist Online

Hiring a voice over online, who has a studio, is easy! It’s far simpler, quicker and cheaper than if you hired one through an agent. A voiceover agent is just the middleman who adds a fee on top, bumping up the cost. If you hire through an agent, you’re also likely to have to hire […]

Need a voice over? Theres an Easy Way and Hard Way!

Recently I’ve been working with lots of different clients who have commented on how easy its been working with me. Obviously chuffed to hear that, and got me thinking that if you need a voice over, theres an easy way and hard way to get it done… The Hard Way (worst option) If you need […]

Voice Over Showreel, how do you make it great?

What makes the perfect voice over showreel? Every voice over wants to know the answer to this question. Every voice over probably has their own idea of an answer! For me, I think this deserves the same answer as the question ‘how long is a piece of string?’ Below is my latest voice over showreel, […]

ipDTL Voiceover

ipDTL, you heard about it yet? I’m now a fully signed up ipDTL voiceover, with Link+, but whats it all about? Read on to find out, or head straight to the bottom to try ipDTL for FREE! I read something about it last year(2013), it won an award, didn’t really take much notice as theres […]

The Road to Professional Voice Over Success

The road to voiceover success is an interesting one! I was at a studio recently where an intern asked about becoming a professional voice over artist and how it works. He saw the ‘voices’ coming in, recording and going. He basically thought “that looks easy, I want some of that”. We went and grabbed a […]

Phone patch = easy voice over

Thankfully the cold has gone, WOO HOO, I sound normal again! Colds are super annoying to anyone, if you’re a voiceover, they can really mess around with on-going work and continuity of sound! Although, one producer asked if I could keep the sexy, husky sound I have when Ive got a cold…I’m very accommodating, but, […]

A voice over nightmare…

It was the week before Christmas, and Neil, the voice over, was excited about the festive holiday fun that was ahead – lots of eating, drinking and merriment with the family. Before that could begin, however, there was lots of voice over work to be done. There were scripts for training videos that needed voicing, […]

Corporate Voice Over, Showreels and Christmas Update!

Unfortunately, the voiceover blog has had to take a back seat recently…due to voice work commitments, lots of corporate voice over jobs recently, more about that in a moment!! I’m not complaining here, honest, keep the work coming, I just wish there were more hours in the day sometimes. I’m gearing up for Christmas now, […]