Male Voice Over Artist with Studio

Neil is an English male voice over artist with over 15 years experience. Recording at his studio in London, England, he works with clients of all sizes from around the world, including the UK, Europe, USA & UAE.

Meet Neil

With a successful career in media, Neil has been a professional male voice over artist for 15 years. In that time he’s built up a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience in editing, microphone technique, scripting and voicing, which he brings into play on every project.

Voicing projects from his studio in the UK, Neil is a British male voice talent with clients including Sony, ESPN, TripAdvisor & McLaren. His dulcet tones have brought commercials to life, engaged clients and employees watching corporate videos, educated all ages via e-Learning and much, much more.

Client Testimonials


Neil always brings our scripts to life just how we envision them, a true professional and great voice over to work with.

Saba Studios

His professionalism, quick turnaround and ease of doing business is why we have worked with Neil for years.

Saba Studios
The New Rich Project

Highly recommend Neil Williams. His voice is very adaptable and friendly. He has his own studio which is very convenient and we received the audio early the next day which was brilliant.

The New Rich
Coalition Talent

Neil’s always provided my business with brilliant quality voiceovers, within deadlines and consistently exceeded expectations. Stongly recommended.

Coalition Talent
Gross Mueller

If you want high quality voiceovers and you need it as soon as possible, Neil is the perfect man for the job. His voice gives your projects the professional sound you’re looking for.

Gross Mueller

About The Studio

Built with industry leading microphones, audio equipment, editing software and fully sound proofed, Neil’s professional voice over studio guarantees the highest quality recordings at a fraction of the cost of booking via a voice over agency.

The studio is based in London, England. From there, Neil offers a full array of English voice over services to clients around the world. With the use of ipDTL, clients can listen in and direct voice over sessions in high quality audio via their computer.

Voice Over with Studio

Neil provides competitively priced voice over services from his home studio in the UK. The voice recording studio is built with industry leading equipment; guaranteeing a crisp and clear professional voice over, every time.

Neumann Microphones

Neumann Microphones

Regarded in the industry as the ultimate voice over microphone; renowned for precise reproduction of sound.

Avalon Pre-Amp

Avalon Pre-Amp

At home in professional studios around the word, Avalon produce the highest quality microphone pre-amps.

Apogee Audio Interface

Apogee Audio Interface

The award winning Apogee interface ensures no loss of audio quality during the analogue to digital conversion.

Audio Recording and Editing

Audio Recording and Editing

Once converted to digital, the audio is recorded, edited and processed on the industry standard Mac using Pro Tools.

Sound Proofing

Sound Proofing

Blocking outside noise, assisting room dynamics and ensuring a clean record, the studio has full acoustic treatment.

ipDTL Voiceover

Sound Proofing

Clients can connect with the studio from anywhere in the world, via the internet, to listen in and direct voice sessions.

About the Voice

Neil is an authentic English male voice over artist. Born and raised in the UK, he speaks with a non-regional/neutral English accent, most closely matched to received pronunciation.

Voicing young adult to middle age, he offers a versatile range of styles and pacing’s: upbeat and pacy for a car show commercial, informative and friendly for e-Learning, professional and warm for corporate videos and more. Have a listen to samples here.

Whether you require a British male voice over thats upbeat and youthful, mature and relaxed, something in the middle or just natural, contact Neil to discuss your project.

How to Hire a Voice Over Artist

It’s easy to hire a voice over online. In fact, there’s just three steps:

Step – 1

Contact Neil for a quote. Provide the script, if ready, or give as much detail as you can; script length (word count or minutes), style and pacing requirements, format needed, time scale etc.

Step – 2

You’ll recieve your quote quickly. Once reviewed, simply reply to confirm the booking and arrange a time if you wish to listen in to the studio and direct the voice over session.

Step – 3

Download your audio! Once the script is finalised, Neil can work on your project. When done, he’ll email you a download link to your files, which will be ready to use in your choice of format.

Voice Over Services

Neil is a male voice over artist, recording at his studio in London. He offers the following voice over services:

  • Authentic English (British) Voice
  • Preparation of scripts
  • Voicing of scripts
  • Editing of audio
  • De-breathing
  • File Separation
  • Processing
  • Dubbing
  • Translation to English

Working independently of a voice over agent, Neil is able to offer competitive pricing and a fast turnaround.

Voice Over Recording Services

Looking for voice over recording services? No need to hire a voice over artist and separate studio! Neil offers the combined service, including editing and delivery of the audio, from his home studio in London, England. An authentic British male voice over with 15 years experience voicing projects including:

Audio Books
Audio Imaging
Award Ceremonies
Corporate Videos
In-Store Radio
Movie Trailers
On-Hold Messaging
Training Videos
Video Games
Web Videos
Voice of God